Specializing in tank moving with our modern hydraulic cradle trailers

At Northland Logistics Corp., we offer unparelleled service in the oilfield industry. Delivering a large oilfield tank requires expert skill and the best equipment possible. We depend on our team of experts and our fleet of cradle trailers to make your move safely, efficiently and legally.

Our cradle trailers take away unnecessary risks by alleviating the need to hook up, load or unload tanks manually. With our hydraulic cradle trailers your tanks will be loaded and unloaded safely.

Our all hydraulic design with Air Ride Suspension on both truck and trailer allows the tank to be lowered and moved damage free.

Our fleet of 10 air ride tridem cradle trailers allows us to haul multiple tanks at a time that in turn saves you money on utility and traffic control costs.

Northland Logistics Corp. recommends using a cradle trailer for all your tank moving requirements More efficient and safer Reduces risks to employees, contractors, and other personnel on site A hydraulic self loading and unloading tank mover does the work for you Raises and lowers tanks safely and damage-free

We understand that in order for customers to be successful, they must entrust moving their tanks to those that are the best! We have a highly skilled team and a large fleet of cradle trailers that will move your tanks from one location to another safely. With years of experience, and a fleet of specialized trailers, Northland Logistics is available to transport tanks of different sizes, shapes and weights. We offer several trailer options for tank hauling to meet your most challenging tank moves.

Northland Logistics Corp. has the expertise and experience to cover all of your tank moving needs safely and efficiently. For questions, trucking quotes, and service please contact us. 

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